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Hera Pheri - Film with more meme templates than scenes

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Babu Bhaiya - Shyam - Raju

Hera pheri is the best and one of the most loved comedy film series produced in Bollywood. The first movie was released in 2000 and the second movie ‘phir hera pheri’ was released six years later in 2006. Even till date these movies never fail to make you laugh. The tongue-in-cheek hilarious dialogues of the characters are very known and popular among the fans. Funny dialogues from the movie have been inspiring millions of memes on all social media platforms. Famous dialogue that turned into memes

  • “Inke Haath mein sone ka katora dedo phir bhi ye bheej maangenge ”
  • “ Khopdi Tod Sale Ka ”
  • “Ye Babu Rao Ka Style Hai!”
  • “50 Rupya kaat Over-acting ka!”