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Kangana Ranaut Twitter Ban

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Twitter suspended Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut’s Twitter account for violating Twitter rules. The actress made a series of Tweets commenting on the political violence happening in West Bengal post elections. She made some disrespectful remarks against Mamata Banerjee. She not only compared her to Ravana, but also called her blood thirsty demon Tadka. Ranaut also posted an emotional video where she cries and demands President's rule in Bengal. The actress was quite active on the platform. She is mostly popular for ranting using strong language on twitter, and enjoyed a huge fanbase. She is also facing multiple legal cases for making disrespectful and insulting remarks and tweets on various people. The news of Ranaut's Twitter account's suspension has since gone viral making it trend on Twitter, and twitterati who objected to her rants are celebrating with memes and jokes and seem to be taking a sigh of relief as they put out tweets commending Twitter. But that hasn’t really put her ranting to a stop. She continues to do her job in the instagram comments section, and continues to be a hot meme topic.