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Jai Shri Ram

Since the Ramayana was re-telecasted on DD National amid covid, revived the show after 32 long years. Ramayana is the favourite show of audiences all across India. Ramayana not only achieved the highest viewership ever in the ‘Hindi General Entertainment Channel’, but also it made its place in the memes. Social media users are sharing funny and hilarious Ramayana memes on Twitter and Instagram. Laxman and sugriv with their sarcasm and witty dialogues have earned a new fan base, Shurpanakha has emerged as the new face of fake feminism. Famous dialogues from the show that turned into trending meme are

  • "Arey paapini"
  • "Waah mitra waah, kya sath nibhaya"
  • "Iske pet pe baan mariye prabhu"