FAQ : MemeXD - Xplore & Design : Create and Browse Memes

General questions
MemeXD is a mobile app aims to create a community for memers and enable every meme lover to make memes easily. MemeXD has large free meme templates database and an easy to use meme editor.
MemeXD is free for everyone. Niether the meme templates nor the meme editor is paid. MemeXD belives memes are everyones right and it should be free.
To make a meme on MemeXD, download the app MemeXD : Xplore and Design from the playstore and you can start meme-ing easily.
MemeXD App
Anyone can download the app MemeXD : Xplore and Design from the google play store. MemeXD will be available on iOS as well shortly.
MemeXD provides you with a variety of features :
  • Free Indian and International Meme Templates
  • Easy and simple meme editor with all functionalities
  • Feed with ONLY memes
With MemeXD, you can share memes to any and every social media platform instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, WhatsApp etc.
NO. You dont need to update the app to get new meme templates. Meme templates get updated in the app without any update from playstore.